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RV & Boat Covers

Don’t Let the Weather Ruin Your Toys

You’ve invested a lot of money in your boat and RV. Its your get-away and where you enjoy rest and relaxation away from your fast paced lifestyle. Your RV and boat have filled your life with countless hours of fun while building a lifetime of fantastic memories.  Don’t allow the sun and rain to do irreparable damage and rob your joy. By allowing the intense Southern California weather to continuously beat down on the exterior finish of your RV and boat, you will cause you’re the finish of your toys to fade and look shabby. Unless you are willing to invest hours of hard work and labor to wax and polish your RV and boat, they will eventually breakdown and need to be refinished.

Don’t let that happen to you. You work too hard to allow the money you’ve invested to go to waste. Not only that, but you probably don’t want to spend your weekends working in the sun to wax and polish your toys. Instead, why not let the Griffith Co. come and give you a complementary quote on building an attached or freestanding solid aluminum cover and keep your toys protected form the harsh elements of the Southern California weather for many years to come.

Add Quality and Value to Your Home with an RV and Boat Cover

If you have the room to park your RV and boat on your property, chance are, should you ever go to sell your home, your potential future buyer will want to park his or her RV and boat there as well. What will set your home apart from your neighbor’s home is your quality aluminum solid cover that not only looks fantastic but shows that you have taken the time to care for your possessions. This will send the right kind of message to your buyer letting them know that you are a quality individual; that you care for the things in your life that are worthy of being cared for.

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