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Room Enclosures

Enjoy Your Patio All Year Long

If you have lived in Riverside or San Bernardino counties for any period of time, you know that our summers can get really hot, to the point that being outside can be almost unbearable.  Now, with a beautifully constructed patio room from The Griffith Co. you can enjoy your patio area all year long.  Stop battling the sweltering heat and come indoors!

Reward yourself with a patio room or sun room.  Maybe you’re looking for a room in order to create countless memories with your friends while enjoying a game of pool.  Maybe you’re looking for an additional family room in order to relax with your family and enjoy your favorite television programs.  Whatever you have been needing more space to do, the uses for a patio room or sun room built by The Griffith Co. are limitless.

Durably Constructed Patio Rooms

These breathtaking rooms add both charm and grace to any home.  But they are more than just pleasing to the eye.  They are made from top quality materials that are made to last and withstand the test of time.  These patio rooms and sun rooms are made to be resistant to the normal wear and tear caused by things like pets and children.  Not only are they durably constructed in order to battle the elements of everyday life, but they are also built for safety and security as well.

Don’t Pay the High Costs of a Room Addition

Utilizing the best in both quality and style, these rooms will add elegance to your patio as well as a cost savings to your pocket.  Likewise, many families have taken advantage of a patio room when they don’t feel like paying the high costs and huge hassles in order to build a room addition.  Maybe you’ve heard some of the nightmares where someone’s house has been ripped apart for weeks and months at a time in order to complete a room addition.  We are usually able to build and install your custom built patio room or sun room in less than 7 days.  Experience the difference in quality and professionalism when you choose The Griffith Co.

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