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Employee Break Areas

Let Your Employees Know You Care

Studies show that employees that feel taken care of by their employer are more productive, take less sick days and have a longer track record of service.  Let your employees know you care by providing them with a place where they can take regularly scheduled breaks and lunches in the beautiful Southern California outdoors.  Don’t make them sit under a second-hand tarp in the blistering hot sun.  Give them a place that they can call their own.  Give them a beautiful and durable solid or lattice Alumawood cover where they can build relationships with their co-workers while fostering a sense of family and camaraderie.  These are the people with whom they spend a large amount of their weekly hours while carrying out the vision and mission of your company.  Treat them well.  Show them you care!

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for a Few Bucks

Some companies try to cut corners by putting up a flimsy tarp with poles.  You know as well as the next that these solutions don’t last for very long in the Southern California wind and sun.  Within a couple of years those tarp-like covers are going to need replacing or simply be tossed out.  Not only that, what type of message are you sending to your crew?  Invest a few dollars more in a solid or lattice break area cover from The Griffith Co. and get something that will stand the test of time.

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