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Covered Work Areas

Having an Outdoor Covered Work Area May be Right for You

Is the cost of adding additional workspace to your place of business too costly?  If so, consider turning the beautiful Southern California outdoors into a place where your business can add productivity with affordability.  Adding additional square footage to your business can be very expensive and cost your company down-time while it’s undergoing lengthy construction.  Call The Griffith Co. and let us show you ways to add workspace that is quick and affordable so that your employees can focus on the task of remaining productive.

Not only is a covered work area a fantastic alternative to an addition, but some jobs are simply meant to be done outdoors.  Whether your business wants to store supplies outside or just wants to create an outdoor space for certain tasks to be completed, you can call The Griffith Co. now for creative ideas to increase your output without damaging your bottom-line.

Cover Your Business with an Overhead-Support Awning

Does water come in through the door every time it rains?  Are you looking for an awning that won’t get damaged by the high winds and harsh weather conditions?  Don’t allow the outside to invade your inside work area.  Allow The Griffith Co. to visit your business and install a solid aluminum door or window awning that will keep the sun from blasting you with it’s scorching hot rays.  Likewise, an overhead-support awning is very useful on those Southern California rainy days allowing you the chance to unlock your door and shake off your umbrella without getting totally soaked.

These durable, quality aluminum awnings not only look nice, but provide your business with a high functionality for a really low investment.  Don’t settle for canvass awnings that are damaged by the wind and break down over time.  We will come to your place of business to build and install an awning that is just right for you without damaging your budget.

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