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Carports & Truckports

Protect Your Assets from the Harsh Weather

Being in Southern California your vehicles are exposed to all types of harsh weather conditions –  from the scorching hot sun in spring and summer to the rain and dew in fall and winter, not to mention all the dust and debris that gather when your vehicle is unprotected.  Don’t allow the elements of nature to do costly damage to your automotive finish.  Why pay more to have your vehicle’s exterior re-finished?  Why allow your business’ asset to devalue more rapidly than it should.  Consider protecting your personal or company vehicles by having The Griffith Co. install a freestanding solid aluminum carport or truckport for your apartment community or place of business today.

We use top of the line materials to build your cover that will stand the test of time.  All of our products are engineered and meet your city or county building requirements.  We take care of it all so you can focus on what your company does best.  Don’t settle for those “pop-up” awnings or cheap metal structures that you will have to throw away every year.  Not only is that a waste of your hard-earned business capital, but it’s also a waste of your manpower to search, purchase, and install year after year after year… ad nauseum.Truckport/Equipment Cover

Your Carport Cover Built to Meet Your Needs

We build and install your solid aluminum carport to meet your specific needs.  We will come to your place of business and meet with you at no charge.  We will take the time to understand your needs as well as gather any pertinent information that will help us to propose a quality solution that’s just right for you.  When we are complete, your carport will be just what you wanted and at a price your business can afford.  Don’t settle for less than what you need.  Call us now so we can help you discover the solution that works best for you.

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